HOMO PP – Homopolymer Polypropylene

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Grade NameMelt Index (g/10min)Density (g/cm3)Processing TypeApplications/UsesSDS
PP .8.9020.830.9Injection MoldingAutomotive applications, industrial molding
PP 39023.50.902Injection MoldingRaffia/Tapes/Strapping, housewares, stationary
PP 590050.9Injection MoldingRaffia and Slit Tape
PP 889080.89Injection MoldingCast film, lamination fim, heat seal layers
PP 12910120.91Injection MoldingGeneral purpose, toys, household items
PP 18900180.9Injection MoldingClosures and Thin Wall Programs
HoPP 30900300.905Injection MoldingCaps, Closures and Large Thin Wall Parts
PP 35900350.9Injection MoldingAppliances, furniture, closures
PP 50900500.9Injection MoldingHousewares, media packaging, consumer products
PP 18900F180.9Fiber ExtrusionFibers, filaments and BCF yarnsSDS HomoPP
PP 35900F350.9ExtrusionNonwoven applications, denier fiber, extrusion coating
PPHomo 13001300ExtrusionNonwoven applications, medical applications, filtration media
PP 15009001500ExtrusionNonwoven applications, medical applications, filtration media