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Grade NameMelt IndexDensityProcessing TypeApplications/Uses
HIPS C331.04ExtrusionSheets for Thermoforming, electronic packaging
HIPS C881.04Injection MoldingElectronics, electrical, TV covers and housewares
HIPS C99Injection MoldingTV covers, Office automation, electrical
HIPS C13131.04Injection MoldingTextile spools, medical applications
GPPS C21.61.04Injection Molding & ExtrusionFoam disposables, insulation boards
GPPS C330.58Injection Molding & ExtrusionSheet panels, lamp covers, film and tape reels
GPPS C880.58Injection MoldingContainers, toys, medical/healthcare, housewares
GPPS C12121.04Injection MoldingCutlery, jewlery boxes, toys
GPPS C14141.04Injection MoldingCutlery, jewlery boxes, toys
GPPS C20201.04ExtrusionInsulation foam board, Masterbatch carrier